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So you are graduating from High School and transitioning into the next phase in life. Congratulations! You have a couple of options; each one is decided by the work you have put in and your circumstances. Below are links to different websites and basic guidelines to help you get to the next phase.

Option: I NEED A JOB

Starting a new job after graduation is not easy because you are not sure what you will like doing and what you are cut out to do. Also, the hiring process takes some practice and basic interview skills. So landing your next job is going to take some time.

The links below will help you get started. Perhaps you should learn more about YOU before filling out a job application. A career assessment will highlight industries and jobs that align with your personality, interests, and dreams. Assessments ask straightforward questions, so leave your calculator at home, and everyone passes because there is no wrong answer!

These two assessment websites will help answer the question “What do I want to do for a living?”

  1. MyNextMove
  2. California Colleges

JOB INTERVIEW Help and Information

The interview is when the employer and you learn about each other. The employer wants to know whether you can perform the duties of the position, as well, you want to learn more about the company and if it’s a job you will enjoy.

We have a checklist and guideline to prepare you for Job Interview success. Because the interview is your time to shine!

Download: Preparing for a job interview


You are focused on attending a Community College or University but have many questions and don’t know where to start. This college website provides information on Career Planning, College Planning, and Financial Aid Planning, with a couple cool student blogs – check them out!

Visit the California Colleges website.