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The collective vision of beRemarkable Today is to provide transformational resources that enrich the lives of disadvantaged and in-crisis children. We are dedicated to giving them hope for a better tomorrow and a renewed confidence to chase their dreams.

beRemarkable Today distributes new clothing to children through our growing association with community support organizations, Foster Care system, and school counselors. Additionally, beRemarkable Today continues to develop services for targeted high school seniors including applying to community college, mentoring by professionals, job interview preparation, and career assessment.


There are young children in every city that harbor feelings of inadequacy and poor self-image because their clothes may be dirty, ill-fitting, mismatched, or worn consecutive days. Their classmates magnify the obvious with bullying comments intended to embarrass and antagonize, leading the child to withdraw in shame or fight for dignity. Over time, repeated put-downs and sense of helplessness manifest into a down tauten self-image, a negative outlook about their future, or begin a path to defiance and risky coping mechanisms.

The ambitions of beRemarkable Today is to increase a young person’s ability to overcome barriers and adversity through a determination to succeed. We believe that new clothes and character development can change a young person’s perspective about their life and inspire them to become a productive citizen.

Funding and support


beRemarkable Today does not receive government assistance. Our operating expenses are paid for by the sale of our beRemarkable clothing and beRemarkable screen printing service. These two channels also help supply the tee shirts given to children. See our Store for details.

Additionally, beRemarkable Today receives clothing donations from like-minded companies who understand the importance of happy and confident children. Our donors selflessly offer their goods and services unconditionally, with the absolute intent to make a positive impact on a child.

HOW to beRemarkable

  • Remain Understanding
  • Extend Patience
  • Help Others
  • Respect Differences
  • Love Unconditionally
  • Show Gratitude

How to beRemarkable: Do something overwhelmingly pleasing, with exceptional intention, and done with your very best effort for someone you have never met before.

We believe your selfless act will bring about a remark or story that inspires others to do something selfless – and so begins a remarkable social movement.